A view of WMU Grand Rapids' 200 Ionia building in the glare of the sun.

Welcome to Grand Rapids

With state-of-the-art facilities and programs that align with local workforce needs, WMU-Grand Rapids provides regional access for students to build a meaningful career and craft a life well-lived.

About Us

Located in Grand Rapids' Heartside district, two blocks south of the Van Andel Arena, Western Michigan University's Grand Rapids campus provides regional access to meet students where they are. As a hub of academic exploration and community engagement, this exceptional facility features fourteen classrooms, HyFlex classrooms, a computer lab, study spaces, health-related community clinics, and an Advanced Manufacturing Lab. 

WMU-Grand Rapids prioritizes programs aligned with local workforce needs, drawing on valuable partnerships with industry experts like Autocam Medical and GRCC to create seamless educational pathways and experiential learning opportunities. The campus also offers hands-on dual-enrollment courses focused on career readiness that empower students to thrive in their academic journey and begin building prosperous futures while still in high school.

Committed to student success at every turn, Western Michigan University offers dynamic educational experiences that prepare students for diverse career paths while contributing to the vitality of their communities.

Academic Programs

Preparing students for meaningful career paths means collaborating closely with employers, businesses, and other institutions to align the programs we offer with local education and workforce needs.

Our graduates make an impact in the fields of health care, business and manufacturing through our programs in Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Public Health, Business Administration and Engineering Manufacturing Technology.

Our educational pathways begin as early as high school and span through a bachelor’s degree and beyond. By cultivating unique partnerships that create seamless academic journeys and rewarding experiential learning opportunities, WMU-Grand Rapids affords students the freedom to earn and learn, staying in their own community while they work and earn a degree at the same time.  

  • Student watching closely as a shop tech fixes a drill bit to a drill press.

    Manufacturing Solutions

    WMU-Grand Rapids understands what skills employers in the manufacturing industry are looking for, and through our programs and partnerships, we work closely with educators and organizations to address those needs and fill in gaps when and where they exist in the workforce.

Educating Students and Serving the Community

  • Three ladies around a table discussing counseling techniques

    Counseling Clinic

    The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at Western Michigan University is a service, training, and research component of the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology.

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  • Two people working through some hand therapy actions.

    Hand Therapy Clinic

    The Western Michigan University Hand Therapy Clinic helps people return to everyday activities following an orthopedic disease or injury through education, exercise, activities, assistive technology, and adaptive devices.

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  • Neuro Rehab Clinic

    The Western Michigan University Neuro Rehab Clinic offers occupational therapy services for children, adolescents and adults who are recovering from various neurological conditions.

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