Parking Services will continue to enforce student lots through Friday, August 16th. A ticketing grace period will begin in student lots starting Monday, August 19th. Ticketing in student lots will resume on Wednesday, September 4th. Employee lots, time zones, and meters will still be enforced during this time frame.

Students residing in residence halls and other people residing in university housing during fall and/or spring semesters shall pay the on-campus resident rate.

Permits may be purchased at the One-Stop Center located in the Bernhard center on the following dates:

Fri Aug 23: Open 10am-5pm
Sat Aug 24: Open 10am-5pm
Mon Aug 26: Open 10am-5pm
Tue Aug 27: Open 10am-5pm
Wed Aug 28: Open 10am-6pm
Thu Aug 29: Open 10am-6pm
Fri Aug 30: Open 10am-3pm
Permits may be purchased at Lawson Ice Arena in the main lobby on the following dates: 
Tuesday, September 3: Open 10am-6pm 
Wednesday, September 4: Open 10am-6pm
Online Permit Purchases: If you purchased a parking permit online, you must pick up the parking permit from the Parking Services building during business hours.

On-campus resident rate

Full Academic Year (Aug. 29, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2020) $ 300

Commuter students and temporary employee registration rates

Full Academic Year Parking (Aug. 29, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2020) $ 300
Full-time, Fall or Spring Parking  (per semester) $ 180
Part-time, Fall or Spring  Parking (per semester, 4 credits or less) $ 130
Summer I or Summer II Parking (each session) $ 65
  • Parking Services office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday.  All stickers and permits may be purchased during these office hours at Parking Services, located at 2507 W. Michigan Avenue (one block east of the intersection of Howard Street and West Michigan Avenue).

  • If Parking Services is closed, the kiosk in front of Parking Services may be used to purchase temporary parking permits (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover only).

  • Students residing in residence halls and other people residing in university housing during fall and/or spring semesters shall pay the on-campus resident rate.

  • All motor vehicles parked on Western Michigan University property by employees, students and people residing on campus must be registered with Parking Services and shall properly display a WMU parking permit.
  • Parking permits must be paid by cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover). All open tickets must be paid before permits can be obtained.
  • A photo ID and current vehicle registration are needed to complete the vehicle registration process. An apartment lease is also required to obtain a permit for an on-campus apartment sticker. A departmental appointment letter is also required for graduate assistants.
  • Students and staff who have a valid state issued handicap permit/accessible permit are also required to have a current WMU permit to park on campus.
  • Faculty and staff are reminded that parking permits issued to them are for their personal use only and are not to be used by family members or others. Violations may result in fines, loss of parking privileges, and impounding the vehicle.
  • Visitors must park at campus meters or purchase a temporary permit. Payment at a meter may be made with quarters or by a cell phone through Instructions are listed on each campus meter. Refer to Regulations 6.0.

Parking information may change at any time. If you have parking questions, please call Parking Services at (269) 387-4609.