Parking Regulations

Western Michigan University Parking Rules

Statement of Authority

These rules are established by the Director of Public Safety as authorized by Section 4.3 of the Western Michigan Traffic, Parking and Pedestrian Ordinance. These rules are effective upon issuance on June 6, 2018, and continuing without expiration.

Rules 1.0 Words and Phrases

1.1  The following words and phrases when used in these rules shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section.

1.2  “Alternative Fuel Vehicle” means a vehicle that runs on a fuel other than "traditional" petroleum fuels (petrol or diesel) and also refers to any technology of powering an engine that does not involve solely petroleum (e.g., electric car, hybrid electric vehicles or solar powered). Vehicles that use low-polluting, non-gas fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, propane or compressed natural gas, liquid gas, methanol, and ethanol. It is not gasoline, diesel or kerosene.

1.3  “Employee” means a person who is employed by Western Michigan University as a full-time, part-time, temporary employee, or adjunct as defined in the Department of Human Resources Policy Manual.

1.4  “Extended University Program Student” means a person is enrolled only in classes, which meet at the regional centers, offered by Extended University Programs.

1.5  “Full-time Student” means a student who is enrolled to take five (5) or more credit hours during any semester.

1.6  “Graduate Assistant” means a graduate student who is paid by Western Michigan University as a teaching assistant, research discovery assistant, or research application assistant.

1.7  “Part-time Student” means a student who is enrolled to take four (4) or less credit hours during any semester.

1.8  “Student” means a person who is enrolled to take classes at Western Michigan University during any semester of the current fiscal year.

1.9  “Student Employee” means a person who is employed by Western Michigan University as an enrolled student, non-enrolled student or work-study student. This person is considered to be a student.

1.10  “Visitor” means a person who is not an employee or student at Western Michigan University.

Rule 2.0 Vehicle Registration

2.1  All motor vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, parked on Western Michigan University property by employees, students and people residing on campus must be registered with Parking Services and shall properly display a Western Michigan University parking sticker or parking permit.

2.2  Student motor vehicle registration must be completed within seven (7) calendar days from the start of classes each semester and session.

2.3  Employee motor vehicle registration must be completed on the hire date.

2.4  Vehicle registration is complete only when the sticker is completely affixed to the motor vehicle, using all the adhesive supplied, or the permit is properly displayed in the vehicle.

2.5  Parking stickers and permits expire whenever one of the following occurs:

  • The expiration date is reached.
  • The ownership of the vehicle changes.
  • The eligibility for parking privileges changes.
  • Parking privileges are revoked.

2.6  Parking stickers and parking permits may only be used by the person who was issued the sticker or permit. Stickers and permits may not be transferred to another person or another vehicle.

2.7  Employees, students and people residing on campus who wish to register a vehicle must provide Parking Services with their current resident address and must notify Parking Services of any change in their current resident address.

2.8  All outstanding parking violations must be paid before a permit or sticker will be issued.

Rule 3.0 Vehicle Registration Fees

3.1  Registration fees shall be paid according to the following schedule for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles, Mopeds:

Full-time, Academic Year (September through August) $ 300
Full-time, Fall/Spring (per semester, commuter students only) $ 180
Part-time, Fall/Spring (per semester) $ 130
Summer I/Summer II (each session) $ 65
  • Students may purchase one, three and seven day guest permits for $5 (1-Day Permits), $10 (3-Day Permits) and (7-day Permits) respectively from the Parking Services office.

3.2  Parking stickers and permits must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Payments may be made using cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, or a Discover credit card.

3.3  Students residing in residence halls and other people residing in University housing shall pay the full-time rate of $300.

3.4  Prorated refunds will be granted during fall and spring semester for the following reasons:

  • Graduation at the end of fall semester.
  • Special circumstances.

3.5  If a refund is required or granted by Parking Services after a cash or a check payment has been made, it will be first applied to the WMU student account to pay any outstanding balance. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the student.

3.6  Special permits for vendors and service contractors shall cost $300 and be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

3.7  If a vehicle is traded for another, a windshield is replaced, or a change in residence occurs, a new sticker will be provided for a $25 administrative fee provided the majority of the old sticker, including the number, is presented at Parking Services.

3.8 All stickers and permits remain the property of Western Michigan University and must be surrendered at the request of Parking Services.

Rule 4.0 Parking Lot Restrictions

4.1  Each parking lot is restricted to parking for a specific type of permit. Only vehicles displaying the same type of permit may park in the lot. During fall and spring semesters, residence halls displaying permit designations “A”, “C”, “F”, and “K” are restricted 24 hours a day for vehicles displaying the same type of permit.

  • Accessibility, 30 minute spaces, 15 minute spaces and Valley turnaround restrictions are enforced 24 hours per day.
  • Refer to 4.5 for exceptions.

4.2 Western Michigan University campus apartment parking lots (“B”, "D", and “E”) are reserved for Western Michigan University campus apartment parking permits at all times. Permits for apartment lots are not interchangeable.

4.3 Parking lot numbers 14, 15, 26, 31, 53R, 57R, 58R, 72R and 81R are restricted to employee parking 24 hours per day. Parking lot numbers 40 and 61 have areas restricted to employee parking at posted times.

4.4  Between the hours of 5 p.m. and 4 a.m., Monday through Friday, any motor vehicle displaying a Western Michigan University parking permit may park in any parking lot except those listed in Rules 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 above.

4.5  Parking lot permit restrictions will not be enforced between 4 p.m. Friday and 4 a.m. Monday, except those listed in Rule 4.2 and Rule 4.3 above.

4.6 During summer sessions the following designated student parking lots are interchangeable: “A”, “C”, “F”, “K”, “W”.

4.7  “V” permits may park in any legal parking space, except those listed below:

  • Accessible spaces (formerly known as handicapped).
  • Designated reserved spaces, i.e. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Maintenance spaces.
  • Metered spaces unless fee is paid.

4.8  Extended University Program students are not considered visitors and must purchase a parking permit.

4.9  All vehicles with a valid parking permit may park in lots P3 and P4 at the Parkview Campus.

4.10  Only alternative fuel vehicles may park in designated alternative fuel vehicle spaces. Appropriate parking permits are required for each specific lot.

4.11  Only electric vehicles may park in designated electric vehicle charging spaces.

Rule 5.0 Display of Stickers and Permits

5.1  Parking stickers shall be affixed to the lower passenger side corner of the front windshield, using all the adhesive supplied.

5.2  Parking stickers on motorcycles shall be affixed to the rear fender as close as possible to the rear license plate.

5.3  Hanging parking permits shall be hung from the rear view mirror.

5.4  All other parking permits shall be affixed to the inside lower passenger side corner of the front windshield, with all the adhesive supplied, so they can be read from outside the vehicle.

Rule 6.0 Visitor Parking

6.1  Visitors must obtain a valid visitor permit to park on campus or park at the parking meters or in 30 minutes zones. Persons attending conferences on campus must obtain a parking permit from the conference manager and park in a designated parking area, for the duration of the conference.

6.2  Parking meters are for the exclusive use of visitors. Employees and students displaying a valid WMU permit may park at the meters in Lots 44 and 48, and must pay the posted fee.

6.3  Parking meter fees must be paid during the following times: Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking meter fees are $1.50 per hour. Payment at a meter may be made with U.S. quarters or by cell phone through Parkmobile. Instructions are listed on each campus meter. Register for a Parkmobile account at or call (800) 280-4146.

6.4  Visitors may purchase one, three and seven day guest permits for $5 (1-Day Permits), $10 (3-Day Permits) and $15 (7-Day Permits) respectively from the Parking Services office.

6.5  Parents of students living in a residence hall or a WMU campus apartment may obtain a free one to three day parking permit at either the WMU Parking Services office during regular business hours. Parents must present their vehicle registration slip and driver's license. The student being visited must present their valid student ID card. All other visitors must purchase visitor parking permits.

Rule 7.0 Designation of Parking Stickers and Permits

7.1  Students living in residence halls may purchase a parking permit with the following designation according to their assigned residence hall:

  • Spindler Hall - “A”
  • Main Campus Halls - “C"
  • Valleys I, II, III - “F”
  • Henry Hall & Western Heights - “K”

7.2  Commuter students may purchase a parking permit with the designations “W”.

7.3  Graduate teaching assistants may obtain a "GH" hang tag permit which expires August 31, 2020. Graduate research discovery and research application service assistants may obtain one temporary employee permit that must be renewed each semester of eligibility.

7.4 WMU campus apartment residents may purchase one parking permit with the following designation according to their assigned apartment.

  • Western View Apartments - "D"
  • Goldsworth Valley Apartments - “E”
  • Stadium Drive Apartments - "H"

7.5  Any student may purchase daily or weekly temporary parking permits which allow parking in a designated area according to the above rules.

7.6  Residents of Spindler Hall may purchase one "A" or "W" parking permit.

7.7  Regular WMU employees may be issued one mirror hanging tag parking permit and one parking sticker or two stickers. Additional stickers may be purchased for $300 each.

Employee family members who are students must purchase a student permit and may only park in the appropriate student parking lots. Parking permits issued to employees are for their personal use only and are not to be used by family members or others. Violations may result in fines, loss of parking privileges and impounding the vehicle.

7.8  Temporary employees and adjunct faculty with current teaching responsibilities are eligible for one "PH" hang tag permit.

7.9  People who belong to the following groups may obtain a “V” hang tag or sticker:

  • The President’s Circle.
  • Other dignitaries as determined by the Vice President for Business and Finance.

7.10  Special permits will be sold/issued to vendors, service contractors and construction workers under contract.

Rule 8.0 Accessible Provisions (formerly known as handicap)

8.1  Accessible parking spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying an accessible license plate or accessible certificate from any state. Disabled students and employees must also register their vehicle with parking services and pay the registration fee. Refer to rule 2.1 for details.

8.2  If all accessible parking spaces are full in an area, a vehicle displaying an accessible license plate or accessible certificate may park in any available non-reserved parking space. Vehicles displaying an accessible permit need a special designation from the Secretary of State of Michigan to park at a meter without paying the designated fee.

Rule 9.0 Special Parking Regulations

9.1  On 24 hour notice, by posting at the entrance of a parking lot, all vehicles in that lot shall be moved from the lot to another designated parking area until the originally posted area is reopened.

9.2  For certain events, entire lots or portions of the lots serving certain facilities may be restricted to vehicles with permits for the event and/or separate fees may be charged.

9.3  Parking Structure II, located west of Miller Auditorium, is open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. 7 days a week. The structure is designated public parking; visitors, students (with a valid parking sticker) and employees (with a valid parking sticker) may use the structure. Visitors must use the meters and pay the posted fee ($1.50 per hour). One-day visitor permits for the structure may be purchased for $5. Portions of the ramp are designated “W” student parking and "R" employee parking.

9.4  Western Michigan University Parking Services will accept minor coins for payments not to exceed:

  • $0.50 in pennies
  • $2 in nickels
  • $5 in dimes
  • $10 in quarters

Any maximum coin amounts must be in coin rolls with the payer's name, address and telephone number printed on each coin roll.

Rule 10.0 Penalties

10.1  Vehicles parking in violation of any provision of Western Michigan University Traffic, Parking and Pedestrian Ordinance or these rules will receive a parking violation notice.

10.2  Violation fines may be paid online at, by telephone at (269) 387-4609, or at Parking Services, 2507 West Michigan Avenue, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-3870. Payment methods include cash, check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. Checks should be made payable to WMU Parking Services.

10.3  Persons who disregard six or more parking violation notices will be subject to the following additional penalties:

  • The vehicle may be impounded.
  • Civil infraction notices may be issued.

10.4  Persons who disregard three or more parking violation notices will be subject to the following additional penalties:

  • A hold will be placed on student registration for classes and academic transcripts.
  • WMU vehicle registration will be denied.

10.5  University disciplinary action may revoke a person’s driving and parking privileges on Western Michigan University property.

10.6  Misuse of any parking sticker or permit will result in revocation of said sticker or permit and the vehicle may be impounded.

Rule 11.0 Appeals

11.1  Appeals must be submitted within 14 days from the date the citation is issued. Appeals must be submitted on line at Written appeals will only be accepted in person under extenuating circumstances.

Issued on June 6, 2018 by Scott Merlo, Director of Public Safety.