Parking Services Citation Appeal

If you do not agree with a WMU (Western Michigan University) parking citation you may appeal and plead not responsible for the violation within (14) fourteen days.  Citations under appeal will continue to accrue late fees. Late appeals will not be accepted, and all decisions are final.

 Note: Appealing a citation may prevent a person from purchasing a parking permit until resolved.

Please read and review the WMU Parking Rules and Regulations first before you proceed with an appeal at . Most citations that are appealed will not be waived. Appeals may be done online at follow the "Pay Citation" link and select Appeal. Online appeals have the option for submitting attachments you feel are helpful to your plea.

It is your responsibility to be aware and review all rules and regulations before parking a vehicle. A "Rules and Regulations" link is found on the "Get Permit" link, which requires acceptance of the Rules and Regulations before permits are sold.

The following are NOT valid reasons for an appeal and may be denied:

  • Lack of knowledge of the University Parking Codes and Regulations.
  • Inability to find a permitted parking space.
  • Operation of the vehicle by another person.
  • Inability to pay ticket fines or permit costs.
  • Tardiness to class, meetings, work or other appointments.
  • Inclement weather.
  • Someone other than a Parking Services employee provided instructions to park.
  • Lack of valid permit by a student or employee.
  • Unauthorized parking in accessibility spaces/hatches, grass/landscape, sidewalk, or any other unmarked area.
  • Only parked in an unauthorized area for a short amount of time.
  • Failure to observe posted signage.
  • Using a fraudulent permit or other fraud-related activities.
  • Parked in Tow Zones such as Fire Lane, fire hydrant citations or loading zones, and dumpster areas.

Your appeal will be reviewed by the Director of Parking Services, and you will be notified of the decision through your WMU email.

Once notified of the decision by the Director of Parking Services, and if you disagree with the outcome, you may request a court appearance.  The citation will become a CIVIL INFRACTION, and a State of Michigan Vehicle law citation will be issued and mailed to you. Failure to appear in court on this matter will result in a default of judgement, all costs and fees of the court become the driver's responsibility and may include a State of Michigan decision to revoke a driver's license.