Student Vehicle Management

Are you planning to park a different vehicle on campus?

Students can follow  the directions in this PDF to change their vehicle


Follow the listed step-by-step directions below 


1)      Go to

2)      Click on the "GET A PERMIT" button

3)      Click the "STUDENT" button

4)      Login using your Bronco NetID (you will skip this page if you’re already logged in)

5)      On the WMU Parking Services Portal page, click “View Your Permits” in the PERMITS block

6)      On the View Your Account Permits page, click your permit number

7)      On the Your Permit Details page, click on the plate of the vehicle you wish to change

8)      On Your Vehicle Details page, click the Delete button near the bottom of the page

9)      Click OK when the confirmation pop-up box appears

10)   On the Manage Your Account Vehicles page, click the Add Vehicle button

11)   *On the Register Vehicle page, enter the required vehicle information and click Next*

*Note: some people with previously registered vehicles may visit the Add Vehicle to Your Permit page between steps 10 and 11 

12)   You're done! You should be back at the Manage Your Account Vehicles page, with your new vehicle listed. To go back to the View Your Permits page (step 6), click the Permits dropdown menu item in the top menu bar and click View Your Permits.