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Parking Permits are now virtual!  Once you have purchased a virtual permit, YOUR PLATE IS THE PERMIT, there is nothing to display so keep your plate and vehicle information up to date! 

You are responsible for having a permit and maintaining your own permit information, knowing your expiration date, knowing your assigned designation, reviewing the map, and restrictions.

Parking permits cannot be shared with other employees or students, and a vehicle may only be attached to one (1) permit at a time. Two (2) vehicles may be attached to a single permit, but never park both vehicles on campus at the same time.

Purchasing or renewing permits can be done using the GET PERMIT link or on your goWMU, in person at Parking Services, or by phone or you may purchase daily and weekly at the Parking Services kiosk in front of the building.

*After hours or system outages do not constitute a change to regulations. Other options are available.

*Notes left on car in lieu of any parking permit , do not annul regulations.

*A parking permit does not guarantee parking availability close to your building nor does it justify parking illegally. The driver is responsible for finding a valid space according to their designated permit.

* DO NOT  purchase guest or other person's permits through your personal account. They must create their own account for online permits.

KNOW YOUR LOT DESIGNATION! When you purchase or receive a permit, you will have a validation date, expiration date and a designated lot letter (i.e., W/A/C/F/K/D/R). You will be given the correct permit based on your university status and can not purchase multiple permits. There are several lots available for " ALL VALID" permits.  The campus map is available to cross reference your designated parking areas that you may park at


Start the process of getting a new permit by clicking a button below*.

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*Employees and Students should also use these links to change the vehicles linked to their virtual permits. For directions on how to manage your current vehicles, click here.