Parking Citations

Parking Violations are placed under the vehicle's windshield wiper, and at any time a person can check the Parking portal to see if their vehicle has received citations  More than one citation can be issued in a day if the vehicle is moved to additional lots.  The fact that a person parks in violation of any rule and does not receive a violation does not mean that the rule is not in effect.  Just be cause you have parked there before without getting a citation does not mean it is a legal space. Three (3) unpaid citations will result in a hold being placed on the student account and an email to the student account, holds prevent registration and transcript access. Six (6)  unpaid citations can result in the impound of the vehicle and fees. Hold will not be released until all citations have been paid. 

  • We do not bill your WMU Account Receivables student account; you will have a WMU parking account maintained by going onto the Parking Services parking Portal on your GoWMU.
  • After 14-days from issue, citations will increase once and can no longer be appealed. There are no payment plans for permits, citations, or tows.
  • Unfortunately, we do not provide motorist assistance due to liabilities. We do not provide battery jumps, lockout or pushes.
  • Extreme weather does not constitute parking illegally. Snow removal is handled by Landscape Services.
  • If the vehicle does not display a valid permit and the operator is not known, the ticket will be the responsibility of the registered owner.
  • Unpaid citations must be paid prior to purchasing parking permits.
  • Appeals will prevent the purchase of permits until resolved and does not constitute parking illegally in the meantime. Kiosk permits may be purchased for use of W lots till a determination is made.
  • "Citations considered "towable" are "major infractions" and they may not be voided or appealed (ex: Illegal Use of Permit, Not Parking in a Marked Space, Illegal Use of an ADA Space, and any Tow-Zone" citations.

WMU does not provide state issued ADA Accessible permits. All employees and students are required to have a WMU permit in coordination with an ADA Accessible permit that belongs to them solely (unless transporting the person whom it belongs to), and any abuse  can result in penalties.  

Additional parking rules and regulations are found at .

Parking Services is a self-supporting auxiliary that is not funded by state taxes or student tuition. Parking operations, maintenance and development expenses are funded by revenue generated from the sale of parking service.

Any questions, comments or concerns about parking tickets issued on the campus of Western Michigan University can be directed to Parking Services during regular business hours.

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