Virtual Permit Information


The previous process of parking on campus required a student or guest to come into Parking Services to obtain a permit. Upon purchasing a permit the process was completed when it was placed on the interior of the windshield in the lower passenger side corner. Parking enforcement officers would then walk parking lots checking vehicles to ensure they had valid permits. This system was both time consuming and tedious for everyone involved.


Parking Services has moved to a virtual permit system. A “virtual permit” is a non-tangible internet based permit where parking rights are assigned to the license plate of a registered vehicle. The purchase of a permit can be done at any time with a smart device or computer by clicking the “Get a Permit” button located on the parking home page. Then follow the prompts to complete the process.  No more standing in lines, attaching or taking off adhesive based permits, YOUR PLATE IS THE PERMIT! Virtual permits are then scanned by parking enforcement officers to verify the vehicle is parked according to its designated parking rights. When parking with a virtual permit the vehicle should be parked with the plate facing the aisle so it can be easily read.

What are the benefits of the virtual parking permit system?

The system has a number of advantages for our Bronco community:

  • Increased Convenience. You can register for a parking permit anywhere, at any time, with a computer or smart device. Permits are valid immediately, so you don’t have to make a trip to our office or wait for a permit to arrive in the mail.
  • Greater Flexibility. Family, rental and loaner cars can also be attached to the permit for the time they are being used, with the vehicle switch and permit activated in real time. No more trips to our office to obtain a temporary permit while your main vehicle is out of service.
  • Improved Sustainability. Did you know we replace hundreds of lost permits each year? With this system, you won’t have to worry about paying to replace a lost or stolen permit. In addition, our office will stop printing and distributing tens of thousands of permits annually, which is a plus for sustainability here at Western Michigan University. 


Obtaining a permit is easy, just click the yellow “Get a Permit” button located near the top of the parking home page. Then follow the prompts to purchase the permit that best suits your needs. Upon confirmation of purchase you are then able to park in a lot that accepts your designation


1.    Any virtual permit purchased will be attached to the plate you enter, make sure you have your plate and vehicle information readily available when purchasing a permit. Also, your plate is the permit so make sure to enter it correctly or the system will not recognize parking rights which would likely result in a citation.

2.    The Parking Services portal should be used to purchase parking rights prior to parking on campus. This ensures a parking violation is not issued before the process is complete.

3.    Permit designations (the lots where you can park) are still assigned to students based on their residency. If you or a department within the university has a made a recent change to your address it may be possible the system has not yet recognized the update when purchasing a virtual permit. This is a rare instance although should it happen please contact Parking Services during business hours at (269) 387-4609 in order to update your classification. This update will require proof of your residency.