Towing can occur on campus for several reasons.  Typically, a vehicle has an excessive number of unpaid citations, or you may have parked in a tow zone, or been involved in a Public Safety tow.  Each citation given is a warning, and Parking will tow without further notification. Once towed the citations and fees are NON-NEGOTIABLE and cannot be appealed.

To avoid additional situations going forward, information regarding campus parking is readily available on the Parking Services website or you may call Parking Services. Parking regulations are available on

It is your responsibility to maintain your own parking permit information, know the expiration date(s) and park according to your permit. Permits are required for students and employees.  Meters are only for true visitors to campus. Permits are not to be shared and are for the sole use of the individual. Never add another student's vehicle to your permit.  Signs are posted at the entrance to each location with lot# and designation. You may only park 1 vehicle per permit.


If your car is towed and you don't understand why, contact Parking Services at (269) 387-4609 during business hours. Details will be given, and payment can be made. Please have your plate number, WIN (Western Identification Number) or personal information ready.

If it was a Public Safety tow, call the Public non-emergency dispatcher at (269) 488-8911.

AFTER HOURS contact the Public non-emergency dispatcher at (269) 488-8911.

All fees must be paid prior to the release of your vehicle. The vehicle will be held in the campus impound lot till payment is made. Daily storage fee of $10.00 per day will be assessed each day the car is impounded. After (7) seven days there is an added $25.00 SOS (Secretary of State) Abandoned Vehicle fee. Payment can be made with exact cash or debit/credit card. Payments made online may not include all fees and will need to be paid prior to release.

Once full payment is madearrangements with the dispatcher are made to meet a Public Safety Officer at the WMU Police Department at 511 Monroe Kalamazoo MI 49008. They will escort you to the gated impound lot. Additional documents may be requested to release a vehicle such as a valid state vehicle registration and driver's licenses.

If the vehicle must be towed out of the impound lot, the arrangements are the same.