Employee Vehicle Management

If you obtained a new vehicle and kept the same plate, please contact parking services at (269) 387-4609. They will update your information.

If you need to manage/edit other vehicles on your virtual permit, use this PDF or follow the directions below.


1)      Go to https://www.wmich.edu/parking

2)      Click on the "GET A PERMIT" button

3)      Click the "EMPLOYEE" button

4)      Login using your Bronco NetID (you will skip this page if you’re already logged in)

5)      On the WMU Parking Services Portal page, click “View Your Permits” in the PERMITS block

6)      On the View Your Account Permits page, click the virtual permit number you wish to edit (check effective/expiration dates to confirm you are selecting the correct permit)

7)      On the Your Permit Details page, if you have one vehicle attached to the permit, click Add Vehicles To Permit button at the bottom of the page*

* if you have two vehicles attached to the permit, click the Delete button next to one of the vehicles to unlink that vehicle from your virtual permit (this will not remove the vehicle from the parking system or unlink it from your account).

8)      On the Add Vehicle to Your Permit page,

         a) check a previously attached vehicle and click Add the selected vehicle button (go to step 10)

         b) or to add a new vehicle that is not listed, click the Add a new vehicle button (go to next step).

9)      On the Register Vehicle page, enter the required vehicle information and click Next

10)   You're done! You should be back at the Manage Your Account Vehicles page, with your new vehicle listed.  To go back to the View Your Permits page (step 6), click the Permits dropdown menu item in the top menu bar and click View Your PermitsYou may close your browser or browser tab.