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The AMP Lab @ WMU is a makerspace in its truest form, providing a space to bring ideas to life.

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About the AMP Lab @ WMU

AMP Lab @ WMU, an Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Laboratory, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing lab built in collaboration with West Michigan manufacturers, led by Autocam Medical and Grand Rapids Community College. The AMP Lab @ WMU showcases Michigan's manufacturing job opportunities and inspires the next generation of makers.

The AMP Lab @ WMU is a makerspace in its truest form, providing a space to bring ideas to life. The building is a laboratory where the next generation of engineers, designers and other skilled individuals can cultivate their abilities. The AMP Lab @ WMU offers resources to test new technologies and develop a talented workforce to serve the manufacturing industry.

WMU is placing manufacturing and design at the forefront of solving key challenges for industry by combining prototyping, professional workshops, training, K-12 outreach, small-scale manufacturing and advanced education opportunities in one space. By partnering with a range of companies and higher education institutions, AMP Lab @ WMU is producing talent to meet the high demand for engineers, designers and other skilled employees in West Michigan.

200 Ionia

The AMP Lab @ WMU occupies the first two floors of WMU's Grand Rapids regional location, taking advantage of the metropolitan area to recruit students and promote local industry connections.  Design choices for the building focused around pairing student success with the requirement that the building be a teaching tool to raise awareness of the vitality of the manufacturing industry, while providing a foundation for growing future programs at WMU.

The project's commitment to reinventing the region and broader public's understanding of manufacturing begins with its first impression when arriving at WMU-Grand Rapids. A continuous glass wall offers pedestrians views into the building's public and collaboration spaces. The dynamic forms of the project build toward emphasizing the future of manufacturing.


What's in the Space

  • A visual showcase where the general public may visually see and gain access and appreciation of the high-tech equipment (3D printers, lasers, scanners etc.)

  • State-of-the-art Machine Tool laboratory for instruction and training in operations, computer numerical control (CNC) programming, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

  • Maker environment with access to Advanced Manufacturing professionals.

  • Man using equipment at AMP Lab @ WMU
  • Equipment at AMP Lab at WMU
  • Equipment at AMP Lab at WMU
  • Equipment at AMP Lab at WMU