Field Manual

Field Manual - Everything you want to know as a field student

School of Social Work mission, vision and guiding principles

Council on Social Work Education educational policy and accreditation standards

Professional practice mandates

  • Ethics, values and the National Association of Social Workers code of ethics 
  • Liability issues 
  • Criminal history, State of Michigan Department of Human Services Central
  • Registry history clearance and drug testing requirements
  • Mandatory reporting and duty to warn 
  • Disability and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Nondiscrimination and human diversity 
  • Sexual harassment in field placement

Field placement procedures and requirements

  • The field application process 
  • Family education rights and privacy act
  • The employed student 
  • The employment based option
  • Student reimbursement 
  • Certificate programs 
  • Time and attendance requirements 
  • University break periods 
  • The learning contract 
  • Evaluation and student performance 
  • Grading
  • Academic integrity
  • Accommodations for disabilities 
  • Problems in the field placement 
  • Unsatisfactory performance in the field placement 
  • Student safety in the field placement

Field education roles and responsibilities

  • The coordinator of field education 
  • The field advisory committee 
  • The faculty liaison 
  • General criteria for the selection of field sites 
  • The field instructor 
  • The student

Bachelor of Social Work

  • Overview of the B.S.W. program 
  • B.S.W. program mission statement
  • B.S.W. program goals 
  • B.S.W. program outcomes 
  • Field placement goals and objectives 
  • B.S.W. field placement
  • Field courses 
  • Field hours
  • Employed students
  • Learning contract and evaluation
  • Field communication laboratories
  • Field seminars
  • Field placement learning experiences

Master of Social Work

  • Overview of the M.S.W. program 
  • M.S.W. program educational objectives 
  • M.S.W. field education 

Foundation sequence

  • Overview of foundation sequence 
  • Foundation sequence goals and objectives 
  • Foundation sequence outcomes 
  • Foundation sequence field placement goals and objectives 
  • M.S.W. foundation 
  • Employed students
  • Learning contract and evaluation 
  • Field communication laboratories 
  • Field seminars

Interpersonal practice concentration 

  • Overview of interpersonal practice concentration 
  • Interpersonal practice concentration goals and objectives 
  • Interpersonal practice concentration outcomes 
  • Interpersonal practice concentration field placement goals and objectives
  • The student 
  • Field hours
  • Employed students
  • Learning contract and evaluation
  • Field seminars

Policy, planning and administration concentration 

  • Overview of policy, planning and administration concentration 
  • Goals and objectives 
  • Outcomes 
  • Field placement tasks 
  • The student 
  • Field hours
  • Employed students
  • Learning contract and evaluation
  • Field seminars


A. Council on Social Work Education educational and accreditation standards

B. National Association of Social Work code of ethics

D. Office of Field Education Organization forms
D.1. Organization profile form
D.2. Field instructor credential form
D.3. Safety check list
D.4. Student time log
D.5. Sample organization orientation check list
D.6. Field placement extension request
D.7. Common health organization agreement or common health organization agreement
D.8. Corrective action plan samples 
D.9. Accident injury report instructions 
D.10. Accident report form

E.1. B.S.W. field application or B.S.W. field application
E.2. M.S.W. foundation year field application or M.S.W. foundation year field application
E.3. M.S.W. concentration year field application or M.S.W. concentration year field application
E.4. Employment-based placement guidelines 
E.5. Employment-based proposal sample
E.6. Employment-based proposal template or employment-based proposal template
E.7. Placement continuation guidelines
E.8. Placement continuation proposal sample
E.9. Placement continuation proposal template or placement continuation proposal template
E.10. Block placement guidelines
E.12. Block placement proposal sample
E.13. Block placement proposal template or block placement proposal template

F.1. Learning Contract Evaluation for B.S.W. and M.S.W. Foundation or Learning Contract Evaluation for M.S.W. Concentration IP or Learning Contraction Evaluation for M.S.W. Concentration PPA
F.2. Learning contract evaluation for M.S.W. advanced standing
F.3. Sample B.S.W. learning contract evaluation or sample B.S.W. learning contract evaluation
F.4. Sample M.S.W. foundation learning contract evaluation  or sample M.S.W. foundation learning contract evaluation
F.5. Sample M.S.W. IP learning contract evaluation or sample M.S.W. IP Concentration learning contract evaluation
F.6. Sample M.S.W. PPA learning contract evaluation or Sample M.S.W. PPA Foundation learning contract evaluation or sample M.S.W. PPA Concentration learning contract evaluation

G.1. B.S.W. and M.S.W. foundation required and suggested field assignments
G.2. Sample field log journal entries
G.3. Case presentation format
G.4. Self reflection paper instructions

H.1. SWRK 4100 master syllabus
H.2. SWRK 4110 master syllabus
H.3. SWRK 6710 master syllabus
H.4. SWRK 6720 master syllabus
H.5. SWRK 6760 master syllabus
H.6. SWRK 6770 master syllabus
H.7. SWRK 6780 master syllabus
H.8. SWRK 6790 master syllabus