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Reading Horizons Journal
Reading Horizons Journal

McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic
McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic

Special Education and Literacy Studies

The Department of Special Education and Literacy Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs focused on preparation of educational professionals with expertise in meeting the needs of K-12 students with diverse abilities.


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New summer course

SPED 6360: Special Topics: Incorporating Technology into Inclusive Learning Environments for ALL Learners CRN 22317

This course prepares teachers and related service providers to integrate digital media and technology into inclusive learning environments. The incorporation of demonstrations, hands-on experiences, and applications projects will provide teachers and other related service providers with the practical experiences involving the multiple roles various technologies play in supporting teaching and learning for students with and without disabilities in inclusive learning environments. Students will develop skills in podcasting, digital story/text development, digital video development and production, virtual environments, use of various Web 2.0 tools (ie., social media, electronic portfolios, etc.), and various software packages used to develop and maintain active and effective inclusive learning environments. Teachers and related service providers will leave this course with resources and skills that can be applied immediately into the teaching/learning environment.

Summer 1:
May 10, 8am-5pm: Introduction and Preliminary Sandbox
June 19, 2pm-5pm: Reflection, Sharing, Sandbox
June 20, 2pm-5pm: Sandbox, Project Building
June 23, 8am-5pm: Sandbox activities, Project work time
June 24, 8am-5pm: Sandbox activities, Project work time
June 25, 8am-5pm: Final Sandbox, Presentations, and Reflection


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