Student Sustainability Grant

The Student Sustainability Grant exists to support students and projects that promote a campus culture of sustainability. $75,000 is available annually to support student designed research and project grants. Grants are awarded through a blind-review process by undergraduate and graduate peers representing all seven colleges. There are very few programs that involve this level of student involvement - watch the video below for more information. 


Annual deadlines

Proposals are due at 11:59 p.m. the Thursday before Thanksgiving (fall allocation) and 11:59 p.m. the Thursday before Spring Break (spring allocation).

Application process


  1.  Find a faculty or staff advisor
  2.  Review Previous Grants
  3.  review the handbook

  4. Download the application
  5. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Office for Sustainability to review and discuss your proposal (
  6. Print, complete, and sign your application
  7. Send applications to the Office for Sustainability and the Western Student Association (WSA) Campus Sustainability Chair via email to and 

Important reminderS

To assist grant authors in planning and grant proposal completion, all grant authors are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Office for Sustainability at least six weeks prior to the application deadline. Additionally, any prospective proposals that might involve changes to university buildings or landscape, influence campus safety, or require research involving humans or animals require a consultation with WMU's Sustainability Project Manager at least six weeks prior to the submission deadline. This is a mandatory prerequisite for grant consideration. (See Section 4 of the SSG Handbook regarding Necessary Stakeholder Approvals for more information). 


Contact the Office for Sustainability at or call (269) 387-0943
Contact WSA Campus Sustainability Chair at