Kameron Kampen, B.B.A.'13

Regional Sales Manager, Stryker

  • Pictured is Kameron Kampen

    The Unstoppable Achiever

    Kameron Kampen puts an exceptional level of determination into all his endeavors. That’s why it’s no surprise to see him as a three-time honoree of The 30. With experience in sales, marketing, training and management at Stryker, Kampen has built a multifaceted career that has culminated with numerous awards, an excess of $13.8 million in sales and the No. 4-ranked sales territory in the United States among 130 sales representatives in 2019.

Kampen recently took over as manager of the Great Lakes team, where he will lead a group of high-achieving account managers. In 2020, he took lead roles in onboarding 25 new sales reps, providing virtual training to the greater sales teams, turning new hire onboarding virtual, and managing the certified field trainer program.

 His greatest fulfillment, though, is giving back. Kampen co-founded the $10,000 KBVLK scholarship at WMU. He is also an alumni admissions ambassador, served on the Stryker Women’s Network medical panel, and officiated varsity basketball in Southwest Michigan for seven seasons.

 Best Learning Experience at WMU: “Joining the Sales and Business Marketing Association and growing my peer network.”