Cedric Moore, B.B.A.'16

Customer Executive, Hormel Foods

  • Pictured is Cedric Moore

    Commander of Creativity

    When he was just a junior in college, Cedric Moore began what has now been a half-decade long journey with his current employer, Hormel Foods. Starting as a sales analyst intern, Moore experienced opportunities that many individuals only get to see once they are fully immersed in their careers. He became a whiz at analyzing consumer data and soon joined the category development team. In this role, he was assigned to a project that involved developing a macro-level report on sales at Walmart and presenting the results to the company’s leadership.

Upon graduation, Moore was hired full-time by Hormel and has been using his creativity to climb the corporate ladder ever since. He has transitioned from roles in sales to category analysis before being promoted to customer executive in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2019. He now manages a regional account with more than 200 stores and a wholesale account in Kentucky, and also serves on two internal employee resource groups that work to promote diversity and inclusion. 

Hobbies: “Reading, drawing and thinking creatively.”

Favorite WMU Professor: “Dr Carey. I love how he would share personal stories about his life, family and upbringing, then draw the comparison between the lecture and course material.”