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Psyche Terry

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Psyche Terry is a fashion and beauty expert and co-founder and CEO of UI Global Brands, a global manufacturer and nationwide marketer of consumer products with its keystone clean beauty brand, Urban Hydration.

Terry and her husband started Urban Hydration to provide better-made packaged products for dry skin and hair. Founded as a small online store in 2010, today Urban Hydration products are sold in more than 32,000 retailers.

Terry holds an MBA from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University, where she also funds scholarship programs for business students. She has been a member of numerous boards of directors and has received accolades such as Woman of The Year, Economic Empowerer of the Year, and Philanthropist of the Year. Terry has been featured in Good Morning America, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Steve Harvey Show, ESPN and Fox News.