Math Prize Competition Help and Resources

Below are helpful resourses for those looking to get some extra practice in for the upcoming Math Competition!

2018 Math Competition Training
Competition Training

Past Math Competitions
2018 Math Competition
2017 Math Competition
2016 Math Competition

What is Math Club?

Math Club @ WMU is dedicated to promoting engagement in mathematics, by creating opportunities for learning and fun.

Current Officers

Nick Christo Emily Johnson

Nick Christo

Emily Johnson


Vice President

Bethany Austhof Gabe Hayes

Bethany Austhof

Gabe Hayes



Drake Olejniczak Noha Abdelghany

Drake Olejniczak

Noha Abdelghany

Graduate Representatives

Faculty Advisors

Niloufer Mackey Steve Mackey

Niloufer Mackey

Steve Mackey


Patrick Bennett Steve Ziebarth

Patrick Bennett

Steve Ziebarth