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WMU offers free employee wellness program

Nov. 6, 2009

KALAMAZOO--Western Michigan University is motivating its employees to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle with a new One-to-One Wellness Program.

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Developed by Holtyn Associates, a local wellness provider, the program features personalized health assessments and wellness coaching. It's designed to give participants the resources and support they need to take charge of their own physical and mental well-being. The one-to-one program is offered free of charge to all full-time, benefits-eligible WMU employees.

"When employees maintain healthy lifestyles, it improves morale and productivity and reduces health care costs," says Danna Downing, wellness coordinator for Holtyn Associates. "By empowering each employee to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, we can create a healthier campus culture."

How does the program work?

The one-to-one program begins with an individual biometric assessment. A wellness professional will measure blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as body mass index, waist circumference and overall fitness level. No fasting is required, and participants leave the assessment with their results in hand.

At the initial assessment, participants are asked to set a personal wellness goal that fits into their life and puts them closer to reaching or maintaining optimal health. Wellness coaches are available to periodically provide support and encouragement, and to assist employees in meeting their goals. Every participant has access to online tools and support, as well as wellness events, programs and services.

The entire process is private and confidential.

What are the program benefits?

The One-to-One Wellness Program is designed to help employees of every age and fitness level learn about and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those in poor health, it can provide the momentum needed to reverse years of damage and start down the path to wellness. For others, it's a way to stay on track as lives and circumstances change.

Lowell Rinker, WMU vice president for business and finance, expects the one-to-one program to result in substantial savings in health-related costs for the University within the next five years.

"We also anticipate reduced risk factors for individual employees," he says, "which translates into a win-win situation for WMU and its employees."

Get started

Individual appointments are offered in a variety of convenient on-campus locations. To register in the program or schedule an appointment, visit wmich.edu/wellness, and click the "Holtyn" link.

For more information, or to offer screenings in your building, contact Danna Downing at ddowning@holtynhpc.com or (269) 779-5453.

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