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Board announces parameters for presidential evaluation

by Cheryl Roland

July 25, 2011 | WMU News

Photo of WMU President John M. Dunn.
WMU President John M. Dunn
KALAMAZOO--Acting at its July 22 meeting, the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees approved a set of goals and criteria to use in its evaluation later this year of WMU President John M. Dunn.

A panel of three members of the board developed the criteria after being charged with that role earlier this year. The panel included Trustees Dana Debel, Ken Miller and Larry Tolbert. They brought their recommendation to the board, and the board adopted it by unanimous vote.

There are eight goals identified for use in the evaluation:

"It's a living document that we will add to as suggestions come forward," said board Chair Dennis Archer, in inviting the campus community to look at the eight items that make up the criteria.

WMU President John M. Dunn is now in his fourth year as president. His 2011 evaluation will mark the fourth time the board has assessed his presidency since he took office July 1, 2007.