Top News of 2019

Renowned Evaluation Center at WMU receives $4.9 million NSF grant

Awarded over five years, the grant extends and expands the center's work to support evaluation within the NSF's Advanced Technological Education program and may be the largest single grant the agency has made to support evaluation capacity development.

Climate change could make the Great Lakes region unrecognizable

Worse winters over the next few decades and dramatic die-offs of iconic Michigan flora and fauna are all predicted if climate change continues at its current pace. A global change ecologist at WMU explains the science behind Earth's warming and what will have the biggest impact on slowing down warming.

Climate change—Michigan's state in year 2100

Although not a perfect solution, implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change will be better for the Great Lakes region than practicing business as usual. Humans, birds, fish and trees will be among the main beneficiaries.

Football program earns NCAA sportsmanship award

The 2017 Broncos brought home one of this year’s awards, making WMU the first institution in Mid-American Conference history to win the NCAA’s prestigious national sportsmanship award.