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  • Noteworthy Work

    WMU music therapy alum Kaitlin Ridgway is changing the lives of patients and their families in her work with Hospice of Michigan.

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Student Life

  • From academics to volunteerism to zombies, registered student organizations offer something for everyone at WMU.

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  • Thousands of Broncos are pitching in as student employees on campus, and career advisors say the work will pay dividends in their future.

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  • WMU makes mental health and wellness a priority by developing new ways to meet the needs of the campus community.

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  • After putting in work over the summer, seasoned student-athletes are ready to excel on the field and in the classroom.

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  • A skydiver glides through the air with an open parachute.

    Skydive Broncos

    The rush of the jump keeps a brave team of WMU students invigorated outside of the classroom.

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  • Digging into History

    Students are unearthing artifacts from the 18th century while working in the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project's field school.

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