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WMU green cleaning practices recognized by business publication

by Deanne Puca

Sept. 26, 2011 | WMU News

KALAMAZOO--Western Michigan University is again being recognized for its sustainable practices, this time by Business Review West Michigan for its green cleaning practices.

The University, which singled out the College of Health and Human Services that in 2009 was the first U.S. higher education building to received LEED for Existing Building Gold certification, received the publication's Greatest Green Initiative in its Sept. 8-14 issue. Part of the LEED-EB certification involved green cleaning practices, which WMU incorporates throughout its more than 100 buildings and trains its staff of 150 custodians.

In the article, WMU is recognized for practices campuswide that "have resulted in eliminating or significantly reducing chemical typically used in cleaning processes. WMU also now uses products with post-consumers recycled content, products packaged with recyclable materials and low-voltage, environmentally friendly batteries, Switching to thinner trash bags is one of the changes that has resulted in less waste going to the landfill," the article states.

"As one of the largest facility owners in West Michigan, it is a significant responsibility to practice sustainable facility stewardship," says Peter Strazdas, WMU's associate vice president of Facilities Management.

Business Review West Michigan selected it 2011 Green Award winners from nominations submitted by the western Michigan business community. The decisions were based on the impact the initiatives have on the region, as well as uniqueness or ambition of the nominees.