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Information expert examines wisdom

by Jeanne Baron

Nov 9, 2011 | WMU News

Photo of Dr. Andrew S. Targowski, WMU.
KALAMAZOO--Dr. Andrew S. Targowski, Western Michigan University professor of business information systems, recently announced the publication of "Cognitive Informatics and Wisdom Development."

The book, released last December by IGI Global, is a rare scholarly work written by a single author on the topic of wisdom. It provides a theory of wisdom and its applications in the broad context of civilization.

"Since wisdom is the ultimate human virtue, it seems that its application is very important for humans and civilization," Targowski says.

In the book, he argues that wise civilization cannot function without wise people and vice versa--that wise people cannot function without positive conditions for the development of wise civilization.

Using the cognitive informatics approach as a basis for the investigation of wisdom, Targowski has penned a book that offers solutions concerning how to study and evaluate the state of wisdom in 21st-century society and the requirements for wise civilization and its monitoring systems.