WSA Budget

Transparency Resolution

The Western Student Association has the ability to operate with funding from the Student Assessment Fee (SAF) and Student Sustainability Fee (SSF). As stated in the Transparency Resolution, students entrust WSA with the responsibility of spending their contributions in a way that positively affects the student body. Greg DeHaan, former senator, had the ability to pass the "Transparency Resolution" through the senate ending spring 2019. This resolution, as depicted, states that WSA must disclose how any funds are spent that use SAF or SSF funding. This must be done in a detailed manner.


 About the Budget

This section of the WSA website will have the Western Student Association budget displayed. The budget will be broken down into sub-segments: full budget allotments, executive/legislative/judicial spending, and operational. These budgets will be updated with any additional activity during the first week of every month. Any questions on these budgets or spending should be directed towards the chief of finance and operations at or during their posted office hours.


-J. Wright, Chief of Finance & Operations