Western Sound Studios

is both a full-service commercial recording studio and a teaching facility in the School of Music at Western Michigan University.

   The studio is equipped with state of the art, world-class equipment including a no-compromise master clock (Antelope 10MX), microphones from Neumann, AKG, Royer, DPA, etc., microphone preamplifiers by Avalon, Cranesong, John Hardy, True Systems, API, compressors and limiters from Cranesong, API, Pendulum, dBX, and much more. The studio is also home to a new pro tools 12.5 HDX workstation, RADAR hard disc recorder, a Pro Tools HD3 Accel workstation, and a Digidesign 003 remote recording rig.

   The studio records a very diverse range of clients from outside of the university, as well as many of the School of Music's ensembles both in live performances and studio recordings for commercial release. Clients and students also have the option of using the 458-seat Dalton Recital Hall when the acoustics suit their projects.



At Western Sound Studios, we take very seriously our commitment to provide the highest quality recording services in a way that meets our clients’ needs.

To that end, our engineers work with our clients to help them choose an approach to recording that will yield the results they want while staying within their budget. Whether it’s a session as simple as a voice over with a single microphone, or as complex as a big band using 32 inputs, we will help you plan your sessions to help you get just the results that you are looking for.



A series of four classes in audio engineering provide students with hands-on learning opportunities in:

Fundamentals of sound, multi-track recording/mixing/editing, automation, etc. Entrance to the upper level courses is limited to a very small number of students. Our students have distinguished themselves by winning numerous Downbeat Magazine Student Engineering awards as well as a First Place from the Audio Engineering Society Recording Competition. Classes at WSS are unusual in that admission is open to students from any major at WMU.


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