We take very seriously our commitment to provide the highest quality recording services in a way that meets our clients’ needs.

Live to 2-track

      This approach entails recording live, complete performances. The balance, or "mix", is accomplished live by the engineer as well. This approach is the quickest and therefore, the lowest cost. The limitations however, are that problems in the performance or mix cannot be fixed. Typically, performers will do several takes of each tune and use the best one, or edit between the takes if possible. This is a great choice for a well-rehearsed ensemble/band with a project that is on a tighter budget.

Live to Multi-track

      This approach records the entire group live but records performers to individual tracks for later mix-down (balances, EQ, reverb, etc. are decided on after the performance). This approach allows for greater control and opens options, such as trying out various balances in the mix before committing to a final version. This approach requires additional time to accomplish the mix.

Multi-track with Overdubs

      This approach involves recording the group in parts. Perhaps instrumentalists followed by vocalists (In pop music, musicians often record one at a time). This approach allows for the greatest flexibility in polishing performances and executing a quality mix. It is, however, by far the most time intensive and, therefore, the most expensive.


      Your decision regarding which approach to use should be guided by your goals and your budget. Perhaps even by such philosophical notions as a desire to capture the “real” sound of the group or performer. In any case, our engineers will be happy to help you choose the approach that best fits your project.