The exterior of a residence hall.Residence halls

During the summer months, conference groups are housed in Western Michigan University residence halls. Each hall has a front desk that is staffed with conference associates who will assist with registration and check-in, and are knowledgeable about our campus. Linen packets are provided unless indicated otherwise. Pillows are provided upon request and campers should be instructed to bring their own blankets or sleeping bags for comfort.

Conveniently located near campus dining rooms, the residence halls are an affordable way to stay close to campus activities and experience university life. Depending on the location, bathrooms are either community or suite-style, and hall floors or wings are divided by gender.


Several security measures are in place at the residence halls to ensure guest safety. Front doors are locked at midnight by conference staff and security cameras are located in all residence halls. There are also multiple staff members on call for emergencies, and WMU police regularly make rounds on campus.

Kalamazoo lodging

The surrounding city of Kalamazoo has additional lodging and hotel accommodations within driving distance to campus.

Limited public bus transportation is available on campus through the Metro Transit system. A bus will transport guests to the downtown bus station where transfer buses are available to other areas in the city.