The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University sponsors a seminar series, student proposal sessions and thesis defenses. 

Location and time for seminar series: 1118 Rood Hall at 4 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

Wednesday, Dec. 17
"Surface complexation modeling of Pb, Cd and Cr(VI) adsorption on Maghemite, bacterial Surfaces and toxicity"" by Krishna Stephen, 1:00 p.m., 1192 Rood Hall.

Friday, Jan. 16
"The Rosetta Mission: the historic moment in modern space exploration" by Dr. Essam Heggy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 2 to 3:30 p.m., Fetzer Center, Kirsch Auditorium.

Monday, Jan. 26
"Glacial geology of Michigan and the formation of the Great Lakes" by Larry Bean,  Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Monday, Feb. 2

"What lies below: evidence for pre-late Wisconsin glacial and non-glacial sediments in western Michigan" by Pat Colgan, Grand Valley State University.

Monday, Feb. 9

Talk by John Esch, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Monday, Feb. 16

Talk by Jeffrey Howard, Wayne State University.

Monday, Feb. 23

"Glacial geology evaluation for background soil survey using GIS" by David Slayton, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Monday, March 2

"The use of innovative stormwater management techniques to retrofit an suburban college campus" by Don Carpenter, Lawrence Technological University.

Monday, March 16

"Loess in Southwestern Michigan? Absolutely!" by Randy Schaetzl, Michigan State University.

Monday, March 23

Talk by Tyrone Rooney, Michigan State University.

Monday, April 13

Talk by John Gierke, Michigan Tech University.