The Department of Geosciences at Western Michigan University has a diverse group of faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized for their research. Our faculty maintain active collaboration with other WMU departments (e.g., biological sciences, chemistry, environmental and sustainability studies, geography) and other research institutions throughout the nation and around the world. Faculty have well-funded, active research programs in:

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Digital databases

External researchers can access our Web-searchable data and online repositories.

  • Earth Science Remote Sensing Lab: This lab is part of a large number of interdisciplinary research projects funded by national and international agencies. The spatial data from such investigations are available through our webmap services. These databases include geospatial data for hydrologic, geologic and groundwater studies focusing mainly on Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education: MGRRE contains well log and drill core data from historic to recent oil and gas exploration in the Michigan Basin. Online data includes inventories of cores; cuttings; thin-sections; historic maps; oil, gas and water analyses; bottom-hole pressure data; total production information and well log data from drill borings.