• The exterior of the MGRRE facility

    Archiving 530,000 linear feet of core and thousands of rock samples and well records, the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education is Michigan's definitive source of subsurface geological materials.

  • Shelves of archived materials inside MGRRE

    Samples from oil, gas, mineral and water wells are archived on-site for use in research, education and industry partnerships.

  • The Harrisons hold a small core sample

    Dr. William Harrison, MGRRE director, and Linda Harrison, MGRRE administrator, hold a small portion of the immense core collection preserved on-site.

The Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education is an important component of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences and of Western Michigan University. This facility and its collections enable faculty and students to carry out research and educate the next generation of earth scientists through hands-on models for the K-12 community and subsurface geological research focused on natural resources and their sustainable use.  This research focuses on carbon dioxide sequestration, critical mineralsgeothermal energy, glacial geology and mapping, groundwater aquifers, sedimentary geology and the geological history of the Michigan Basin.

The 27,000 square-foot MGRRE facility archives the most comprehensive collection of geological samples and data in the state of Michigan, including approximately 530,000 linear feet of rock cores. These cores were drilled during oil, gas and mineral exploration; environmental research; and geological mapping projects. Datasets about subsurface resources are provided through the internet and are also disseminated through the National Data Catalogue. Educational activities include K-12 and post-graduate training and industry outreach. In addition, MGRRE provides a number of industry services, such as:

For a quick summary of our facility, staff, research and achievements, please see our Fact Sheet and Key Achievements.