Core Analyses

These analyses from more than 2000 Michigan oil and gas wells show data about porosity, permeability and fluid saturation.. These were donated to the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education at Western Michigan University by a Michigan oil and gas professional who performed these analyses several decades ago. His very valuable comments and interpretations are sometimes shown.

The spreadsheet of all these analyses provides the following information for each well: county, section, township, range, API number, permit number, well name, original driller’s name, and depths sampled. These are not simply scanned copies of the original paper records; we made a spreadsheet for the analytical values obtained by hand entering the numbers. Here is an example of one of these spreadsheets from API 21055273120000.

If you would like to order digital copies of core analyses, please send an email to Jennifer Trout and list the API number for each well. We will then email those analyses to you along with a statement. For more information about fees for digital data, please see our facility resources and fees.