Research Projects

The Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education at Western Michigan University has been involved in many carbon sequestration related research projects. Currently, several graduate students in WMU's Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences are working alongside professors Dave Barnes and Bill Harrison. Some of this research is part of MichCarb, while other projects are funded by the United States Geological Survey, private industry and other programs.

MichCarb Related Research

  • Jonathan Garrett is investigating the stratigraphic reservoir characterization and conducting modeling of the Niagara-Lower Salina reef complexes of the Michigan Basin.
  • Zaid Nadhim is conducting high resolution petrophysical characterization of the Silurian Lower Salina Niagaran pinnacle reef complex reservoirs using wire-line logs.
  • Matthew Rine is using a combination of chemo-, bio-, and sequence stratigraphy to resolve the chronostratigraphic relationships of Niagara-Lower Salina reef complexes throughout the Michigan Basin.