On-Site Fees

Fees for services from the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education at Western Michigan University are noted below.

Core Fees

To examine samples, data, and well records and discuss them with our personnel

$250 per eight hour day or $50 per hour, if less.

Core examination and layout

$2 per core foot; minimum charge of $75 per well.  If the cores are sealed in plastic and need to be removed from and returned to plastic bags, the cost is $4 per core foot, and a minimum of $100 per well.

Slabbing core (at your request)

$15 per linear foot.

Core sample fees

  • $10 per sample for small samples for geochemical or X-ray diffraction analysis (typically 4-5 gm).
  • $20 per sample for chips cut for normal sized thin sections (~ 20mm x 30mm).
  • $30 per sample for oversized thin section samples.
  • $40 per plug for one-inch drilled core plugs for analysis (available only if all tests are non-destructive and plugs are returned to MGRRE).

Core sample fees for larger samples used for other types of analyses—$15 for each additional 10 grams, for example

  • $30 FIS and Crush Iso samples (typically 15-20 gm).
  • $35 RE-TOC/Win/Extract samples (typically 25-30 gm).
  • $40 smaller Crush MS/TEGC/KIN (typically 35-40 gm).
  • $50 larger Crush MS/TEGC/KIN (typically 45-50 gm).

Note: Destructive testing may be authorized on a case-by-case basis and only if there is a sufficient amount of sample available.

Photocopy Fees

Photocopies of non-data archive material such as publications

$0.10 per copy.

Digital or photocopies of all or any portion of mudlogs, wireline logs, core analyses, core gammas, drillers' reports, Drill Stem Tests or other archival data

$25 per record.

Digital Core Photograph Fees

Photographs you make yourself

No charge.

Photographs by MGRRE staff (We usually make two photographs of each core box; there are about three to ten feet of core per box. One photo shows the core dry and one shows it wet)

$10 per JPEG.
When requested to photograph core for which we have no previous photographs, we also charge the core lay-out fee to cover our time for laying the core out.

Drill Cuttings Examination and Sampling Fees

For retrieving and re-shelving cuttings boxes for examination

$25 per well plus $10 per box.

Cuttings samples provided to you

  • $10 per sample from original sampled footage.
  • $20 per sample provided to you from more than one sampled footage (comingled footages).

Digital Logs and Core Analyses Fees

Wireline logs and mudlogs

  • $25 per log (TIFF).
  • $1 per 100 feet of manual wireline log digitization.  For logs that are already digitized, it is $1/100 feet with a minimum of $10/LAS file.

Core analyses (permeability and porosity data)

$25 per well (spreadsheet).

Invoices and Payment

We will provide you with a W-9 form and an invoice for services rendered. Payment can be made by a check payable to "WMU Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences" and mailed to:
Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5241 USA