• A Lake Michigan beach with people swimming along shoreline

    Our faculty are mapping glacial deposits that provide the sandy beaches along Lake Michigan.

  • A Lake Michigan waterfall empties over a bed of rocks

    MGRRE faculty actively research Michigan's oldest sedimentary rocks that underlie some of the youngest glacial deposits along its shoreline.

  • Waves crash against a rock in Lake Michigan

    WMU faculty study the changing features of lakeshore deposits and erosion which create natural rock sculptures.


Western Michigan University’s Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education facilitates basic and applied geological research, trains students for geoscience careers and promotes educational outreach.

Although primarily focused on Michigan's energy, natural resources and environment, MGRRE's activities also relate to general geology and Great Lakes issues. Educational aspects of natural resource utilization and management are addressed at the K-16, post-graduate, professional and general public levels.

MGRRE’s primary focus area is on the state of Michigan; this focus also encompasses a national and international sphere of interest.

MGRRE is committed to preserving and researching the collections of cores, samples and data that are maintained at its facility; these collections are also used for educational purposes. These materials comprise the largest and most diverse collections of Michigan subsurface geological samples and data.


  • Conduct research to help implement new technologies and field demonstrations to increase domestic energy production and sequester CO2.
  • Conduct research to better understand Michigan Basin geological formations as they relate to global geological processes.
  • Assemble current and comprehensive data about groundwater aquifers.
  • Produce detailed geologic maps of surface and shallow geological materials and structures.