Sampling Procedures and Data Requirements

In order to ensure the best service possible, the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education asks that you contact us regarding your plans at least one week ahead of your arrival. This notice will provide us with the time we need to properly prepare your materials. If you haven't visited MGRRE before, please read our brief introduction, Preparing to Visit, before scheduling your visit. For scheduling assistance or to request additional information, please contact Jennifer Trout or call (269) 387-8633.

Core and cuttings sample policies

All core and cuttings sampling is completed by MGRRE personnel only. We may not always be able to provide samples if we have a very small amount. If you request samples during an on-site visit, we will try to provide them while you are here. However, depending on the type and number of samples, we may need to send them to you shortly after your visit.

Data and Sample Return Requirements

When you accept samples from MGRRE, you agree that you will:

  • Return any unused portion of samples we have supplied to you. Plugs not destroyed during testing must also be returned to MGRRE. Thin sections must also be returned along with any residual material from the sample.
  • Provide all data or analytical results generated from testing these samples to MGRRE within one month of your visit. MGRRE will keep this information in confidence for eight months after being received if a written request is submitted.
  • Acknowledge that samples were provided by the “Michigan Repository for Research and Education, part of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University" in any publications using this data. You must also provide MGRRE with the publication reference for our records.
  • Pay all outstanding invoices before further services are rendered.