ED-XRF Elemental Data

The Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education at Western Michigan University archives analytical (ED-XRF) elemental data from subsurface cores from the Michigan Basin. This data was generated through an instrumentation grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (Award #1636441). The data can be accessed in a variety of formats via the links below.

Raw ED-XRF Elemental Data by Well - List of Wells with Data - please contact Dr. Steve Kaczmarek (stephen.kaczmarek@wmich.edu) or Jennifer Trout (jennifer.l.trout@wmich.edu) to request raw data

Publications:Hemenway MS Thesis,  Rine et al. (2017)

Educational Materials:  

List of educational rock and mineral samples - sample list

PDF elemental logs of samples - XRF spectra for educational rock and mineral samples

XRF Workshop - Bridging the Gap between Geology and Chemistry - XRF Workshop Book