• Western Sound Studio

    Western Sound Studios

    MAT major Zachary Hummel shares details of his session with John Campos.  In upper level audio engineering courses, students work in Western Sound Studios, the School of Music's on-site commercial studio.

  • Dalton 2004 - Electronic Music Lab

    Dalton 2004 - Electronic Music Lab

    Dr. Christopher Biggs discussing electronic music techniques in Dalton 2004, a hybrid classroom and student lab.

  • Dalton 2002 - Multimedia Workstations

    Dalton 2002 - Multimedia Workstations

    The multimedia workstations, including the 5.1 station and traveling laptop, are available for student projects.

  • Kohrman 2206 - Student Recording Lab

    Kohrman 2206 - Student Recording Lab

    The student recording lab, which doubles as a classroom space for audio engineering courses, features a WhisperRoom and 32 channel ProTools workstation.

Recording studio


Multimedia arts technology production studio


Electronic music lab

Western Michigan University has a state of the art creative space for students to realize projects involving digital media. MAT students work in the lab during Electronic Music Seminar, which is part of their degree program. Students learn about the skills necessary to complete projects that involve digital audio software including electroacoustic concert music, video game music, movie music, sound design, installations and multimedia works.

There are two audio workstations, one of which is a desktop and the other a laptop. The stations are equipped with Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Max/MSP, Native Instruments Komplete, Peak, Altiverb, Sibelius, iZotope Iris, and a variety of shareware plug-ins and standalone applications. Each station has an external audio sound card, mixer, microphones, MIDI keyboard and studio monitors.

There are also two multimedia workstations. These stations are equipped with Logic, Live, Max/MSP, Peak, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Dreamweaver and a variety of shareware. Each station also has an external audio sound card, MIDI keyboard, and headphones.


KLOrk, the Kalamazoo Laptop Orchestra, is a performing ensemble in which the musical instruments are laptops loaded with all kinds of sounds.  We create new types of instruments using programming languages called ChucK and Max and then use every bit of the laptop to play them:  the keyboard, the trackpad, the internal mic, the built-in webcam, game controllers, even tilting the whole thing side-to-side. KLOrk has a mobile station with 20 laptops, 20 tablets, and a variety of gestural controllers. 

Multimedia arts technology lab


Music computer lab