Freshwater Science and Sustainability

Make a difference with a different kind of degree.

Western Michigan University announces the Freshwater Sciences & Sustainability bachelor's degree at our location in Traverse City for fall 2014. More than Science. More than Policy. This interdisciplinary degree helps you see the big picture so you can make a big difference.

Interdisciplinary components

The ability to see the big picture is necessary for those working to protect this valuable resource. Science, policy, business and humanites come together in this unique new program to leave graduates with a more complete perspective of the complex issues surrounding fresh water.

Where place matters

The Great Lakes hold 20% of the world's surface freshwater and Michigan has a tremendous diversity of lakes, streams and wetlands. Our partnership with Northwestern Michigan College and access to its research facilities make WMU-Traverse City a sensible place to study fresh water.

Career choices

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the degree, a number of career paths are available for graduates: freshwater quality analysts, watershed managers, corporate social responsibility coordinators, environmental advocates, aquatic biologists, limnologists, and water treatment system operators, just to name a few.

Recognized leader

WMU brings to the table the resources of a Carnegie-classified national research institution, including internationally recognized faculty researchers and a broad array of cutting-edge laboratories and research centers devoted to the sciences.

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