Community Garden Space Available Soon

The Office for Sustainability is now the steward of the community garden space behind the Stadium Drive Apartments. We will continue the work of Christine Uggeri and Dr. Johnson Haas, who have been helping to maintain the space for the last few years. If you are interested in a plot, please contact Justin.gish@wmich.edu at the Office for Sustainability for more information. 

Eating Animals  documentary screening

Directed and produced by Christopher Quinn (Sundance award winner God Grew Tired of Us), Eating Animals tells the story of the beginning of the end of factory farming. Produced with Academy Award winner Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer, the film is the feature-length adaptation of Foer’s critically acclaimed book of the same name that starts out with a simple question — where do our eggs, dairy and meat come from? Through the intimate narratives of several farmers dedicated to bringing their trade — and the way we eat — back to its roots, the film explores the notion of stepping away from the practices of the past 40 years that have polluted our environment, endangered our health, and caused us all to be complicit in the inhumane treatment of animals. Eating Animals paints a picture of a future where traditional farming is no longer a distant memory, but is instead the only way forward. Wednesday, April 3, 2019  5-8 pm at The Office for Sustainability.

SEED: The Untold Story — documentary screening

SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight a David and Goliath battle to defend the future of our food. The screening will be followed by a group discussion.  Thursday, April 11, 2019  5-8 pm at The Office for Sustainability.

Animals, Animal Agriculture and Animal Activism: Trends in Animal Law

Join Vegan Kalamazoo and the Campus Beet on Sunday, April 14, 2019  2-3:30 pm in Sangren Hall room 1730 for an update on Michigan and federal laws related to animals, animal agriculture and animal activism from Canton-based organization, Attorneys for Animals (AFA). Learn the latest news and trends in legislation related to animals used for food, entertainment, research and companionship. You will learn about how these laws affect you as an animal lover, consumer, citizen, and activist. A major focus will be on the difference between how the law views companion animals and “food” animals, and why we love one as family and eat the others.

Three members of AFA will be speaking: Kate Brindle, Rebecca Wrock and Rachel Walton. Bring your questions about all things animal law for the Q&A following the presentations. Come listen, learn, and discuss! 

Surplus Sales

Support sustainability by preventing items from going to the landfill by buying and selling unwanted items at Surplus Sales every Wednesday. Open to WMU employees and community members. 


WMU Students launch "Plastic Waste on Campus" website to highlight recycling efforts

Plastic Waste on Campus is a news project produced by students in the Environmental Reporting course. This multimedia news project examines problems with plastic through a student viewpoint which incorporates graphics and interviews.

Former president of Ireland shares testimonies on the dangers and effects of climate change

On Jan. 25 the former President of Ireland stopped at Western Michigan University to talk about climate change. Robinson asserted that everyone must take the issue of climate change personally by pressuring governments and questioning what they’re doing to deal with this issue. 

Michigan food hubs make hospital food and the local food economy healthier 

ValleyHUB is studying and experimenting to see if the hub system can be truly sustainable in an urban environment

MBA program recognized as a top business school for sustainability

Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business was named to an elite list of the top 100 business schools that emphasize sustainability in their master of business administration programs.

Who's Pumping Out Greenhouse Gases In Southwest Michigan?

Learn more about the two sources of greenhouse gases that make up the majority of the carbon emitted in Southwest Michigan.

Battery research project will support company's clean energy plan

Consumer's Energy has installed a large-scale battery on WMU's Parkview Campus. This new battery can store enough energy to power 1,000 homes for an hour!

Heritage Hall Alumni Center featured in USGBC Battle of the Buildings video

Watch WMU President Dr. Montgomery speak about the successes and opportunities created by the renovation and subsequent LEED Platinum certification of WMU's first building. 

University partners with city to promote 'shared prosperity' for residents 

WMU and the City of Kalamazoo formalized a new city initiative to reduce poverty and promote prosperity in our community, 

Multimillion-dollar research center addresses construction challenges

WMU researchers are studying innovative ways to build better in the age of climate change. 

New permaculture orchard demonstrates WMU devotion to sustainability

70 fruit trees have turned what was a parking lot into a rejuvenating nascent grove. Read more about Landscape Services efforts on this project here.