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The WMU Climate Change Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, student and community volunteers dedicated to working for the urgent action needed to adapt to and mitigate global climate change. The CCWG heightens the awareness of the consequences of climate change and provides leadership about action through research, education and community outreach in Kalamazoo. The CCWG is a member of the Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition.

Join the WMU Climate Change Working Group,  students, staff, and affiliate organizations across campus and the Kalamazoo community for Climate Emergency: Spring into Action 2024, a semester-long look at the climate crisis and what we can do to address it. Check out the link posted above labeled "learn more" to access the website and calendar.

CCWG declared March 2023 as "Climate Emergency Month: Creating a Just and Sustainable Future" to highlight the urgent need to adapt to and mitigate climate change through a series of events. Spring Semester 2024 is "Climate Emergency: Spring into Action 2024".  Check out the website to learn more.

Regular Activities


     Climate Anxiety - Resources                      Climate Change Book Group                      Fridays for Future

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Note: The actions or positions of the Climate Change Working Group do not necessarily represent those of the University as a whole, the members of its Board of Trustees, or its senior administrative officials.