Initiated in the spring of 2012, the interdisciplinary Climate Change Working Group operates under the auspices of the University Center for the Humanities. The group has three main goals: (1) enhancing the education of WMU students, faculty, and staff to increase their awareness and understanding of climate change (2) providing community outreach to increase awareness and understanding of climate change and to engage interested citizens in activities related to climate change mitigation, and (3) supporting interdisciplinary research and grant-seeking related to climate change. The CCWG consists of over 100 members including leaders of local climate-related groups, community members, local government officials, Kalamazoo College faculty, WMU students, faculty and staff from several Colleges, representatives from the Office for Sustainability, and from the Center for the Study of Ethics in Society. The active ‘core’ group of faculty, all of whom teach and research on topics related to climate change, represent various perspectives from the humanities, social science and physical sciences. Currently, much of our effort is coordinated with the Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition (KCCC), which is a consortium of many local groups working to heighten the awareness of, and action toward, climate change.

Dr. Denise Keele (Political Science and Institute of the Environment and Sustainability)

Dr. David Karowe (Biological Sciences)
Dr. Paul Clements Political Science)
Dr. Ron Kramer (Sociology)

Current participant list