Supplemental instruction

Supplemental Instruction is a nationally recognized program to provide assistance in some of the more difficult classes on campus. SI Leaders who have successfully completed the class in a previous semester will sit with you through the class, then hold review sessions, providing a guided study atmosphere. All sessions are free and do not require advance registration.

Supplemental Instruction summer 1 2018 schedule

Supplemental Instruction is offered for many of the courses in these areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • and others.

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College Success seminars

The College Success Seminars provide a forum to allow students the opportunity to develop new or refine current skills that they may find useful in their academic and professional careers. Seminars are free and do not require advance registration.

College Success Seminars fall 2018 schedule will be available this fall

All seminars will be held in 1353 Ellsworth Hall (Learning Studio) unless noted.

Topics covered this spring include:

  • Approaches to problem solving
    Learn the techniques to use in solving problems and making decisions
  • College vocabulary development
    Learn context clues to determine the meaning of words as well as understanding prefixes, suffixes and roots
  • Communication differences: professors and classmates
    Learn strategies to navigating the classroom climate including communicating with professors and understanding the dynamic of group work
  • Coping with test anxiety
    Discover some strategies to help you deal with the anxieties that interfere with your ability to do well on a test
  • Enhancing reading comprehension
    Determine techniques for truly understanding what you’re reading
  • Financial cents: breaking budget
    Discover some strategies to help manage your college finances as you face the challenges of loans, debt and bills
  • Finishing strong: preparing for finals
    Learn strategies to help break down your work, understand your goals and be realistic during finals week
  • Increasing your reading rate
    Acquire ways of reading faster while still comprehending what you read
  • Mid-semester check-in
    Take inventory of strategies that work and learn some new success strategies
  • Note-taking strategies
    Look at why you should take notes, how your faculty member gives you clues of what to include in your notes and different techniques for taking notes
  • Preparing for a successful semester
    Grab your syllabi and start brainstorming some goals. This seminar will give you the tools to start the semester on the right foot to be successful
  • Reconciling your learning styles
    Discover how to match your preferred learning style with your professors’ styles of teaching
  • Research reading and development
    Examine what makes a journal appropriate to use in your literature reviews and how to effectively read those articles
  • Strengthening basic math
    Much math anxiety comes from not having a solid foundation in math; this seminar will help you develop those skills
  • Study strategies for success
    Discover the strategies used by successful students as they approach studying for their classes
  • Textbook reading methods
    Explore an approach that helps you understand the material the first time you read it, thus saving you time
  • Test-taking strategies
    Realize techniques for approaching different types of tests and generalized strategies for test taking
  • Time management techniques
    Learn ways to take control of your day, look at how you waste time and identify some strategies to use in helping your activities align with your goals

Tutoring resources

Tutoring resources