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Peer2Peer eMentoring

The Peer2Peer program provides incoming students with tools and connections that will enable them to make the most out of their experience at Western Michigan University.

Western Michigan University is dedicated to student success. As a result, every first-year and transfer student is assigned an established WMU student as an eMentor to aid in each student’s transition to WMU’s campus and the community. The information and support provided by Peer2Peer eMentors is designed to help these students to:

  • Access university resources
  • Explore and engage in university life
  • Make connections on campus
  • Succeed academically and professionally


How the Program Works

Incoming Broncos will be connected to their eMentors during the first week of fall semester. Through electronic and digital communication, eMentors will provide information about resources available at WMU, events that can optimize students' campus experience, and other information and support that will enable students to more easily acclimate to life and learning at Western Michigan University. Peer2Peer eMentors will share real and relevant tips for being a successful student at WMU. 

Encouraging incoming students to create a good school-life balance, eMentors will stress not only the academic deadlines and strategies for academic success, but also techniques in self-care and opportunities to engage across campus and in the community. Peer2Peer eMentors are here to encourage students to create an academic strategy that works for them and to share opportunities and events that offer social connections best suited to each students' passions and values. The Peer2Peer program is here to help ensure that incoming students have access to the tools that will enable them to make the most out of their experience at WMU, while still making the grade!  eMentors  work to ensure each new student feels connected and supported.