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Call for Applicants: FYE 2100 Part-Time Instructor

FYE Instructors are WMU faculty and staff who are invested in the success of first-year students. They are hired as part-time instructors to teach FYE 2100, a two-credit hour course designed to help new students make a successful academic and social transition to life at WMU. FYE instructors are instrumental in facilitating first-year students’ paths towards academic success as they learn about the array of resources available at WMU. Diversity, equity and inclusion, CliftonStrengths assessment and development, career exploration, academic planning, and personal goal setting skills are all included in the course.


  • Why should I teach FYE?

    There are a number of rewarding reasons instructors choose to teach FYE each year, which include:

    • Making a difference by supporting, guiding, and connecting with new students as they learn how to be successful during this significant transition.  
    • Working with a current student co-facilitator one-on-one to further their growth and career readiness. 
    • Getting to know 20 students in a small learning environment.  
    • A $2,200 stipend. Part-time instructors for this course are paid at the rate of $1,100 per credit hour in compliance with PIO contracts, for a total of $2,200 over the course of the semester.  
  • What are FYE Instructors’ responsibilities?
    • Create a syllabus for, teach, and grade a two-credit FYE section with up to 20 students.  
    • Uphold and follow through on all prescribed elements of the FYE curriculum. 
    • Attend in-person FYE Instructor trainings in May and August. 
    • Complete required assessment pieces in a timely fashion. 
    • Supervise and provide leadership development for a current student serving as a co-facilitator who has been selected and trained by the Office of Student Transitions. This includes adherence to the OST standards of accountability (provided in training). 
    • Use Microsoft Teams to communicate with program staff. 
    • If hired, all FYE instructors will submit a signed offer letter, P008 form, and completed syllabus. 
  • What are the required qualifications for FYE Instructors?
    • Master’s Degree in any field, with preference given to those with prior teaching experience in higher education. 
    • This position is limited to WMU exempt/salaried staff or temporary non-exempt/hourly employees. Benefits-eligible, non-exempt/hourly employees are not eligible to hold this position due to budget constraints which preclude payment of overtime wages that would be required by wage and hour laws. 
    • Persons holding current graduate assistant positions may not hold additional concurrent part-time teaching appointments. 
  • What is the time commitment during the fall semester?
    • All classes meet two days per week for an hour and 15 minutes (2.5 hours per week), for 15 weeks. In addition, instructors are expected to meet with their co-facilitator individually for one hour per week. Additional time spent on class varies by instructor and is based on lesson planning, grading, and other class activities.  
    • FYE classes are offered at various times throughout the day to accommodate different schedules. All candidates can indicate preferred dates/time on their applications. If selected to teach, we will do our best to match you with that date/time. 
  • What is the curriculum?
    • WMU believes that supporting a student holistically is key to a successful transition to college. As such, the FYE course curriculum is based on the eight dimensions of WMU’s Wellness Wheel. All topics, discussions, assignments, and learning activities will align with at least one component of the Wellness Wheel.  
    • All students will receive a CliftonStrengths code and an in-class Strengths presentation.  
    • There are a number of required activities which all classes must complete. Other than those assignments and presentations, instructors have freedom to deliver lessons and materials how they wish. We hope that instructors will share their own interests and expertise with first-year students! 
  • Preparing your statement of interest

    All completed packets must include the following (it is helpful to have your documents completed before beginning the Google Form application):

    1. FYE 2100 Part-Time Instructor Application (using the Google Form)
    2. Current CV or resume
    3. Statement of interest which addresses the following prompts (no more than 2 typed pages):

    New applicants:

    1. Why are you interested in teaching first-year students?
    2. In what ways would you create an inclusive classroom that will engage and unify your student cohort?
    3. How will you engage your student Co-Facilitator in planning and instructing your class this year?

    Returning applicants:

    1. What were your greatest successes and challenges as an instructor last year?
    2. What will you do as an instructor to help create a sense of belonging at WMU for your FYE students?
    3. What is one piece of advice you would give to a new FYE instructor at WMU?
  • Timeline
    • Monday, March 20: Applications due by 5 p.m.
    • Monday, March 13 - Friday, March 31: Interviews for new instructors
    • By Friday, April 7: Positions offered
    • Saturday, May 6: Required in-person training, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
      — Receive $250 stipend for participating in full day of training
    • Saturday, August 19: Required in-person training, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
      — Receive $250 stipend for participating in full day of training
    • Thursday, August 24 – Tuesday, 29: Fall Welcome (Co-facilitators meet with groups)
    • Wednesday, August 30: Classes begin

How to Apply

Previous WMU FYE teaching experience does not guarantee employment for the next year. All interested applicants, new and returning, must complete the application and interview processes.

Submit your application by using the Google Form. (We recommend having your documents completed before beginning the Google Form application.)

Application deadline: Monday, March 20, 2023 by 5 p.m.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed for selection.

Complete applications must include the following:

  1. FYE 2100 Part-Time Instructor Application
  2. Current CV or resume
  3. Statement of interest addressing the prompts listed on the application

New applicants will need to participate in an interview. OST staff will contact you to schedule an interview after your application is submitted. Returning applicants will be considered based on application materials and previous years’ end-of-semester evaluations. All applicants must complete a successful background check (at no expense to you) to be hired. 

What are instructors saying about FYE?

  • I love being able to teach FYE 2100. I have found these students to be funny, insightful, wonderful humans. They want to make the world a better place and make an impact. I have learned as much from them in my time teaching this course as I hope they have from me. As an instructor, what a powerful experience to have in the life of a student! Today’s students need us (and this class), and I wholeheartedly would recommend teaching this course to anyone who wants to make an impact on these amazing world changers!

    Amanda Lozier, Academic Advisor and FYE 2100 instructor

  • My experience teaching FYE 2100 at WMU has been world-class. The opportunity to make an impact on first-year students is one that I couldn’t pass up. I enjoyed building lasting relationships with students and meeting colleagues I usually wouldn’t meet, and it helped me develop both personally and professionally. The FYE team is supportive and works to set instructors up for success. And first-year students need what instructors have to offer! We can significantly impact their entire college experience at WMU.

    Mo Brooks, Student Success Navigator and FYE 2100 instructor