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About the Office of Student Transitions



The Office of Student Transitions is committed to supporting all undergraduate students, including first-years, transfers, and contemporary adult learners. We assist and support students in developing social networks, understanding the expectations of academic rigor, learning about the vast opportunities and resources at Western Michigan University, and preparing for life beyond WMU.



The Office of Student Transitions will acclimate incoming undergraduate students to Western Michigan University's collegiate culture and provide them the support and assistance to help them become involved and engaged Broncos.



Becoming immersed in the collegiate experience has the potential to change one’s personal and career trajectories for life. Through engagement with OST, students will:

  • Develop a strong academic foundation that culminates with graduation from WMU
  • Gain social connections and relationships with peers, faculty, and staff
  • Find balance between academic and personal lives
  • Participate in a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates the uniqueness of all students
  • Learn the value and importance of service learning, respect, and civility