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Congratulations go out to Amanda Hicks, chapter president, who has been awarded a $2,000 scholarship through the Tau Sigma National Office.  Amanda is only the second person to be selected by the national office to receive a scholarship through Tau Sigma.

WMU Chapter information

Tau Sigma is a national honor society dedicated to "recognizing and promoting the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students.  On April 30, 2014, the Lee Honors College established the Zeta Chi chapter of Tau Sigma on the campus of Western Michigan University.  WMU is the fourth chapter of Tau Sigma in the State of Michigan and the 145th chapter in the United States.  The first group of 30 students, each signing the charter, were inducted into the society on November 21, 2014, along with honorary member, WMU President, Dr. John Dunn.  In the March of 2016, WMU held its second induction ceremony taking in 135 new student members, as well as four honorary members.

On March 24, 2017, Zeta Chi Chapter inducted 85 new members with a average GPA of 3.85 and 21 members who had a perfect 4.0 in their first semester at WMU.  We also had two honorary members, Laura Darrah and Paul Hildenbrand, associate director of residence life and manager of recruitment and outreach respectively who both work at WMU.

 membership criteria

Transfer students, during the first semester or session of attendance at WMU, completing a full course load of 12 hours or more for a fall or spring semester or 6 hours or more during either summer session with a 3.5 or higher will be invited to become a member of Tau Sigma.  The induction ceremony will be held in the spring semester of every year.

member benefits

Tau Sigma membership allows students the opportunity to develop new friendships, become more engaged on campus, and develop leadership skills.  In addition, members are able to apply for national scholarships as low as $500 and up to $2500 in value.  The national organization also hosts a leadership conference each fall with up to three students from each chapter being invited to attend.

frequently asked questions

Why should I join Tau Sigma?  It is an honors society and recognition of your accomplishment as a transfer student.  You have the option to purchase honor cords to wear at the time of graduation.  You will automatically receive a certificate, ink pen, and lapel pin for your membership into the society.

How do I purchase Tau Sigma paraphernalia?  At the time you accept your nomination, you will be able to purchase honor cords and shirts.

What is my time commitment if I join?  Currently, the organization is listed as a student organization.  The current E-board tries to have one meeting a month where they discuss possible programs, etc. for the membership, along with one activity a month.  Meetings are not required and most members choose not attend and by most probably 99%.  Most students join Tau Sigma just for the honor of being a member.  As a member, you will be recognized at the time of graduation in the graduation bulletin, and of course if you purchase honor cords, you will be able to wear them too.

What if my GPA goes below a 3.5?  Again, membership is based on your first semester GPA, so you will not be kicked out of the society.

How do I join?  Nominations for membership occur once a year, usually in early February.  Follow the directions as noted in both the email and/or personal letter as you need to use a particular code to accept your nomination.

Do I need to attend the initiation ceremony?  No you do not need to attend; however, we hope you consider doing so.  You may bring as many guests with you as you like.

Can my family attend the initiation ceremony?  Yes,  You may bring guests to the initiation ceremony.

How do I get my cords, shirt, certificate, etc.?  If you do not attend the initiation ceremony, you will be able to come pick up your stuff starting the following week.  An email message will be sent to all new members informing them of location, etc.

chapter leadership

2019 - 2020 Officers:

Madison Miller - President
Karren Shaalini - Vice President
Morgan Mitchell - Secretary/Social Media
Hailey Beyer - Treasurer/Program Manager

Steve Miller - Advisor

more information

For more information about Tau Sigma, please visit the national website.

You may also contact Steve Miller, chapter adviser, at (269) 387-2167 or via email at steve.miller@wmich.edu .

meeting minutes

Minutes April 5, 2017

 Minutes - April 3, 2018