Students celebrate at a Fall Welcome event

Fall Welcome 2024

Fall Welcome 2024 will take place August 22 - 27.


Video of WMU Fall Welcome - President Edward Montgomery Welcome Message


What is Fall Welcome?

Fall Welcome is a program that assists freshmen, transfer, international, and adult learner students with their academic and social transitions to WMU. Building on the foundation created at summer orientation, Fall Welcome will connect students with peers, WMU's campus, staff, and resources all aimed at helping incoming students achieve success. All first-year beginner students are required to attend Fall Welcome and will be automatically enrolled, while new transfer and adult learner students are highly encouraged to register and participate.

Beginner students are automatically registered for Fall Welcome upon course registration after summer Orientation is complete.  Please note that a Fall Welcome fee of $265 will be added to your student account. All first-year students are automatically enrolled in Fall Welcome.

Transfer students interested in signing up for Fall Welcome will register for the event.  Information regarding sign-up will be sent via email in mid-July. Please note that a Fall Welcome fee of $265 will be added to your student account.


Fall Welcome Attendance

The purpose of Fall Welcome is to give you the tools you need to get an excellent start to your college career. We want you to become an engaged and thriving college student! Attending Fall Welcome will help you prepare for the first day of class at WMU and the fall semester. You will move in, meet new friends, be formally welcomed to the University by our president, mingle with faculty and advisors from your college, find your classrooms, and have lots of fun at social events. Fall Welcome will also help you to navigate your way around campus and become acquainted with the campus resources that are critical to your success.

At Western Michigan University it is our strong position that all first-year students (beginner and transfer) will benefit from the Fall Welcome program. No matter your college or classification, engaging in the activities during the week will complement your transition to WMU and help you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.