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Campus Safety

It takes everyone doing their part when it comes to personal safety, but there are several security measures in place in the residence halls.

  • Front doors and doors leading to the residential hallways are always locked. Only hall residents or escorted guests can access the building.
  • Security cameras are in all public spaces and elevators.
  • Residence hall staff is visible throughout the hall and on call nightly.
  • Staff receive extensive emergency response training and have a close relationship with campus police.

Staff who have your back

Our student and professional staff are committed to supporting residents in their transition to life at WMU in and out of the classroom.  The person you will interact with the most is the Resident Assistant who lives on your residence hall floor or Resident Manager who lives in your apartment complex.   RAs and RMs are upper-level students who have skills in connecting with others and listening to concerns, as well as an extensive knowledge of campus services. They create a community through activities, assisting students with personal and academic concerns, and helping in emergency situations. RAs and RMs are the first person you go to for questions, guidance and involvement in hall activities.

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Residence hall process


Reserve a space: Complete a housing contract to reserve a space for fall. Since you choose your own room, you do not need to list building preferences. You will create your roommate profile, choose if you want to opt in to the roommate search feature, and sign the contract. Completed contracts are randomized for when students choose their room in June, so there is no date priority. Sign-up happens in the Housing Portal.
Admitted students: A WMU login is needed to enter the portal. If you have not created yours, please click on the “create your password” link in your email (subject line:  Your Western Michigan University (WMU) login). The email was sent shortly after you were admitted. 


Select a roommate: For those who want to find a roommate, you can use our Roommate Finder to search by lifestyle, interest and academic college.  We will give you up to 20 matches and their WMU emails so you can reach out and chat.  When you find someone or have a friend you already plan to live with, create Roommate Group to link you in our system.  That is how you will be able to choose a room together in June.


Choose your room: In June, you will have an assigned date and time to choose your hall, room and meal plan. Use the filters to find learning communities, or use the hall and floor maps to see open rooms. Once you claim your bed, you will select your meal plan. A booklet highlighting all the halls, learning communities and meal plans will be mailed in April.

Students who sign up during the summer will receive directions on choosing their room within three weeks of signing their contract.

Residence hall timeline

Fall 2023 

10 a.m. EST Feb. 2, 2024

Housing sign up begins.

April 1, 2024

Roommate Finder Goes Live

May 28, 2024

Notified of the day and time you are assigned to choose your hall, room and meal plan.

June 3, 2024

Room selection begins

There is no deposit to sign up for housing. For those with a residence hall contract, there is no financial commitment if you no longer plan to attend WMU and cancel by June 1.
Apartment sign up dates are here. Eligible students are 18 years old on the date sign up starts, have 26 credits by the start of the housing contract, and are non-beginner status.
Video of WMU Living Learning Communities