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Housing and Residence Life uses student WMU email accounts for all business-related communication. Copies of key information and updates can be viewed here.

Residence Halls

  • 04/01/24 -Roommate Finder Live [for incoming students]

    Subject:  Housing roommate information

    Looking for a roommate?

    WMU's Roommate Finder is live!  Log into the housing portal to search by living habits, social habits, interests and academic college.  A list of up to 20 potential roommates will be generated, including their WMU email addresses so you can reach out to introduce yourself.

    You do not have to have a roommate to choose your room in June.  When you search for rooms, you will be able to read the roommate profile, age and college of anyone already occupying a room.

    I have/found a roommate.  What’s next?

    Create a Roommate Group to link you in the housing system. This will let you choose the same room in June.

    • One person will start the Group in the housing portal (Residence Halls >> Create/Accept Roommate Group).  You will need your friend’s Western Identification Number (WIN = 9-digit number) to create a group.
    • The second person will get an invitation in their WMU email.  They log into the housing portal to accept, decline or ignore the invitation.
      • Please note that only completed Roommate Groups will work when selecting a room. If your requested roommate has not accepted your request, they will not get pulled into your room when you select a space.
    • Either person may leave the Roommate Group if they meet someone new.
    • Roommate groups are limited to 2 people. You cannot request suitemates.

    No access to the Roommate Finder or Roommate Group?

    If you are a minor, it means the co-signature part of your contract is not complete.  Ask the parent/guardian whose email you listed when you signed the contract to check their email.  Once they click the link provided, your contract will be complete.  If you need the email resent, contact us at